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Ipswitch, Inc. Announces WS_FTP® Home to Manage Consumers' Digital Assets

Market leader delivers completely new product designed specifically for recreational digital photography, MP3 and Web publishing users

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LEXINGTON, MA – June 24, 2004 – Ipswitch, Inc., a leading developer of file transfer, messaging and network monitoring solutions, today announced the release of Ipswitch WS_FTP® Home. Ipswitch WS_FTP Home offers Ipswitch’s business-class file transfer technology to everyday users with a completely redesigned interface and streamlined functionality that make sharing digital images and video, transferring music files and publishing personal Web sites and blogs easier than ever.

Traditionally, home users have opted to share files through e-mail, instant messaging or other peer-to-peer applications, which consume large amounts of computing resources and frequently break down during bulky data transfers. Though it is a much more efficient option, file transfer technology has not typically been a first choice primarily due to its technical look and feel. Yet most users have access to FTP servers to enable more efficient sharing via their dial-up and/or broadband Internet service provider accounts.

“Ipswitch WS_FTP Home 9.0 removes the barrier to more effective sharing of large digital files,” said Alex Neihaus, Ipswitch vice president of marketing. “Home users who may have been inhibited by the technology’s appearance will now have a significantly greater comfort level due to our interface enhancements and our intense focus on ease-of-use. They’ll quickly realize that Ipswitch WS_FTP Home noticeably speeds the file transfer and Web-publishing process, and that they should have been using this technology all along.”

Features designed specifically to assist first-time FTP home users include:

  • Instinctive User Interface
    The Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Connection Bar, Connection Pane and Information Window are easy to understand, customize and use, and are designed to complement Windows® XP®. The GUI features include comprehensive icons, tool tips, artwork and symbols to provide a rich and rewarding experience.
  • Explanatory Tutorials
    Informative screenshots provide step-by-step instructions for basic tasks such as connecting to an FTP server, transferring and downloading files and checking transmission status. Tutorials and wizards are accessible at any time to walk users through the essentials of Ipswitch WS_FTP Home.
  • Fast and Easy File Transfer
    Significant file transfer efficiency is provided through previously released features such as thumbnail support to ease identifying, editing and sharing image files and drag-n-drop capabilities simplify and speed file transfer tasks; Active Edit works as a home page in a browser and automatically reconnects to the last site visited; HotDrop allows file or folder transfer without launching the application; and browser URL integration accelerates downloads by automatically starting Ipswitch WS_FTP Home when you drag files from FTP sites to your desktop, folders or applications.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home is also a much more reliable and convenient file transfer option than e-mail, which is vulnerable to viruses and often has mailbox size limits that will not accept large attachments.

“As the use of digital cameras, MP3 players, auction sites and creation of personal Web sites and blogs continues to grow, so does the need to share these items with other individuals,” said Neihaus. “As the global leader in the FTP market, Ipswitch is the most trusted file transfer provider and is best-positioned to address these growing needs. Ipswitch WS_FTP Home’s straightforward, easy-to-use approach will lead to even more people taking part in these file sharing activities.”

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home is available for a U.S. list price of $34.95, or for $59.95 with a one-year service agreement. Users can purchase the software by visiting Ipswitch on-line at

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