Employee Comments

We didn’t have to twist any arms in order to get our team members to share why they enjoy working here so much. Read on and learn what you may have to look forward to.

Patrick Loring, 
Business Development Manager
"It's a great place to work. Without any outside influences, we remain focused on a single strategy: deliver the best products and customer service possible. Ipswitch's consistent approach toward growth and stability provides a challenging, enjoyable work environment. The best thing about Ipswitch is that it values an employee's life outside of work."

Michael Blakley
Manager – Technical Support

"Every company talks about its commitment to people and the community, but it's just marketing, mostly.  At Ipswitch, it isn't just marketing, and it isn't lip service.   I've worked for a fair number of high tech companies, and none of them had Ipswitch's level of commitment."

Melissa Mack
Manager – Operations and Customer Service

"We all spend so much time at the office, it's really a blessing to thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day. Ipswitch is special because we have created a real family atmosphere. My co-workers are talented and they genuinely care about each other AND our customers. I couldn't ask for a better environment to work in."

Ennio Carboni
Director - Product Management

"I like coming in to work everyday because Ipswitch is a thriving environment where I am challenged to make technology and business decisions that have a direct impact on the business daily.  If you thrive on the combination of technology, demanding customers and a group of dynamic but seasoned co-workers, Ipswitch is the place to be."

Theresa Logue
Operations Coordinator

"Ipswitch is like my second home.  I feel that the people are like family members, each unique with similar goals in mind.  It is nice to be working somewhere that you feel comfortable to be creative and challenged all at the same time.  The support system for each other is another great aspect of working at Ipswitch. For example, working full-time, going to school and having children can be overwhelming at times but when I need help with homework or need time to take the kids to the doctor, etc. I know that I can ask for help with homework questions, or take the time I need to take care of the kids."